The Hungry Monkey – I already mentioned earlier how the perspective of lunch at this place made my European taste buds quiver with excitement and anticipation. “Occasional detour” is, I think, the exact terminology I used to describe how often I stopped by to stuff my face with their beautiful truffle scented French fries, or in other words, heaven on a plate. The reality is that, despite my recent conversion to idli and and masala dosa, the sound of mac and cheese had never felt so appealing as when I was staying in Delhi. So, really, to state things as they were, I would have to admit that the “occasional detour” was in fact a weekly food orgy of prime importance.


The Hungry Monkey. Just by the sound of it, you know that you’ll want to come back. It’s that type of place. Before you know it, you’ll have befriended the barman and will be calling it “the Monkey” when telling your friends where to meet you. Commit a bit more and you might even be able to request that your latest summer house song gets added to their playlist.

After climbing a flight of stairs through a small door somewhere in DDA Market, you will invariably feel just in the right place, sat at one of the long wooden tables in the dim light, and very far away from the exhausting business of the city. Grab a menu and let the experience begin. After all, with a drink called “Genie in a Bottle”, everything seems possible. A personal favourite, also recommended by my sister (who practically lives there) is the Elderflower Cloud – tequila, lime juice and elderflower cordial. Couldn’t get more New Age even if you tried.


Cocktail in hand, you will start tackling the food section of the EAT/DRINK/PLAY Monkey experience. From the classic Hungry Monkey steak to smoked salmon carpaccio, through a wide variety of burgers and delicately slow roasted mushrooms with Parmesan, you can be sure that you will find more than one way to satisfy whatever it is that you are craving. Still hesitating? Try topping it off with the Hungry Monkey Hot Chocolate Fudge. I don’t think much more needs be said.

And as for the rest of the night? You’ve drunk well and eaten finely – that’s two of them you can tick off your Hungry Monkey agenda. And as Roald Dahl would say, “life is more fun if you play games”. Enjoy your night; what happens in the Monkey, stays in the Monkey.

Where to find them? B 6/6, Second Floor, DDA Market, Opposite Deer Park, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi